Making the lemon-thyme infused honey - would you have a suggestion for removing the thyme from the honey once infused? I'm avoiding boiling the ho...

...ney so the nutrients aren't destroyed.

Pat Hampton


blanchette August 1, 2016
You're very welcome! :)
blanchette August 1, 2016
I make infused honeys often: sage honey, rose honey, lavendar honey....the list is long. I usually just leave the herb in the honey but if you want to separate them, just filter the honey with a sieve.
Pat H. August 1, 2016
The sieve worked like a charm! Many thanks blanchette!
Nancy August 1, 2016
Further to vvvanessa (recipe writer) comments about not needing to remove the thyme from the honey:
1) suggest you remove the little leaves from the sprigs/twigs and leave the thyme in.
2) If you're afraid it's too much and taste will be too strong, use less than recipe calls for and see how it tastes
Also, if you are still wanting to use honey without heating it up, you can do that for the part used as garnish. Separate it from other honey, add some thyme & cream, and garnish.
Pat H. August 1, 2016
Thank you Nancy!
vvvanessa August 1, 2016
You don't really need to remove the thyme sprigs from the honey because you'll just be taking a few tablespoons out of the cooled honey-thyme infusion. I see varying information on what temperature will kill the beneficial enzymes in honey; I would guess that even if you heat the honey gently, the baking process will likely kill those enzymes anyway, and to be frank, I didn't create this recipe to be particularly healthful, though of course I understand not wanting to lose the nutrients in the honey. In any case, it's easy enough to just pull the thyme sprigs out of the cooled honey with your fingers or a fork.
Pat H. August 1, 2016
Thank you vvvanessa! Just fiddling around with your process...I let the honey and lemon thyme "steep" on my counter for the past 2 days. Will bake the pie this morning.. serving it with lemon thyme and lavender lemonaid ! Can't wait to try your pie!
702551 July 30, 2016
I suggest tying up the thyme sprigs with cotton twine. Easier to fish out the bundle versus the individual springs.

You can use the same technique for soups, stews, whatever.
Pat H. August 1, 2016
Thank you cv!
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