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Question about current contest No-Bake Desserts

Just to clarify, it is only NO-oven or also No-stove? Some submitted recipes include stove cooking, which it makes sense since you bake in the oven, not the stove.

asked by Your Guardian Chef 6 months ago
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PHIL is a trusted home cook.

added 6 months ago

Hi YGF, someone asked that same question a few days ago, Here is the response:

Caroline Lange
Caroline is an associate editor at Food52.

added 4 days ago
Hi LouLou,

We're looking for desserts you can make without the oven—and, if necessary, only little stovetop heat! (Lots of granitas, for example, call for a simple syrup to be made. That's great by us—but something that requires lots of simmering on the stove, wouldn't be a good fit for this contest.) Thank you for checking! Looking forward to seeing your entries.

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added 6 months ago

Thank you Phil, must have been the day I was flying.

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Suzanne is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 6 months ago

Glad you posted this because I had to remove part of my entry, didn't see the previous question and Carolines answer. Whew...

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added 6 months ago

It's no-oven, not no-stove.

At least two-thirds (maybe closer to three-quarters) of the submissions are sorbets, ice creams, or something with chocolate, meaning people are turning on the stove to make simple syrup, make a custard, or melt chocolate.

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added 6 months ago

Perfect thanks, I entered my Ile Flottant ! :-)

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