A question about a recipe: Smoky Heirloom Tomato Corn Verrines

I have a question about the recipe "Smoky Heirloom Tomato Corn Verrines" from QueenSashy. Is the bacon used as the spoon

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  • Posted by: Nan
  • August 23, 2016


Susan W. August 23, 2016
Omg this looks amazing. I just cured some bacon from a pork belly that I got from my farmer. Headed up to the farmers market to get the rest. My daughter is visiting for a couple of days from Washington and we may eat nothing but this for every meal.

So glad this question was asked.
QueenSashy August 23, 2016
Ha! That is a good point. I never tried doing it, but it think it is "sturdy" enough to serve as a spoon, as long as you make sure you use thick enough piece. Although in my experience, bacon disappears right away :)
Picholine August 23, 2016
I doubt it, but I am definitely going to try this recipe!
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