A question about a recipe: Ricotta Fritters (Castagnole di Ricotta)

I have a question about the recipe "Ricotta Fritters (Castagnole di Ricotta)" from Emiko. Why are the batter balls keep sinking to the bottom? I've increased the amount of oil but that did not help.

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Alexandra V. September 11, 2016
Is your heat high enough? I know for doughnuts it has to be 375 degrees, so they get brown without holding on to, to much oil. The recipe says to heat over low heat, but then to add batter to hot oil, so it is a bit confusing. Maybe knowing what to temp the oil to, can help with clarification.
Emiko September 12, 2016
Ideally the oil should be about 300-360F (150-160C), which is why I say low heat (low heat is the indication on the burner, but the oil will obviously be very hot when ready!) - when they are dropped in, they should immediately be surrounded by tiny little bubbles (you can test with a blob or even the end of a wooden spoon - the same thing should happen) and not brown too quickly -- about 90 seconds.
Emiko September 11, 2016
It shouldn't be a problem, there should just be enough oil to cover the fritters so that they cook evenly.
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