can my dry brined turkey be done after only 2 hours? The thigh registers 175 and breast is 166.

Amanda Moose


Amanda M. November 25, 2016
Thanks! Turkey was perfect. Greatly appreciated your reassurance.
Kristen M. November 24, 2016
Yes, makes even more sense that it's done. To be honest, I've never understood why the recipe says 2 3/4 hours total, whether your bird is 12 or 16 pounds, which is why we advise checking it early. If everything else isn't ready, just tent it with foil and it will stay warm for a good while.
Valesca D. November 24, 2016
I once made a turkey in a wood burning stove which was ready hours before dinner: I triple wrapped it in foil and covered it in old towels. It was piping hot when we served it and super juicy.
Amanda M. November 24, 2016
12.97 lbs
Kristen M. November 24, 2016
Yes! Dry-brined turkeys cook surprisingly fast. How big was it?
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