Cookie Decorating Newbie! Suggestions for resources, websites, suppliers?

I'm interested in cookie decorating and possibly cakes later on. Winter is settling in here in the Northeast and I'm looking for some fun indoor activities to help me pass my time indoors. Do you know of any great instructional websites. Resources for the best quality supplies. Any tips or tricks you might have would be most appreciated. Thank you, to the Food52 community!

Trena Heinrich


Smaug December 11, 2016
If you can find it, Elaine Gonzales' "Chocolate Artistry" is full of neat decorative stuff you can do with chocolate, including cookies.
Trena H. December 11, 2016
Thanks, Smaug. I found a few used copies on Amazon for just over $5 including shipping.
Nancy December 11, 2016
Trena -
Have you looked at articles here at food52 (not recipes, that would be overwhelming).
The articles will lead you to things you're interested in - by flavor, technique, origin - and thereby also to recipes.
Dorie Greenspan, a great cook and writer, has a new book out this fall on cookies alone.
Two great sources for supplies - King Arthur Flour, Kalustyan's.
Others will have more suggestions. These are mine for starters.
Enjoy perfecting your craft...:)
Nancy December 11, 2016
PS If you do move to cake-making, my cookbook recommendation (from personal heavy use) is Rose Levy Beranbaum, The Cake Bible
Trena H. December 11, 2016
Great ideas and suggestions...thank you, Nancy!
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