Favorite Green Beans or Brussels Sprouts recipe for Christmas dinner?

Does anyone have a delicious Green beans or Brussels Sprouts recipe that you'd share? I'm going to friends for Christmas dinner and need a great dish. Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


sexyLAMBCHOPx December 16, 2016
Here's my favorite! http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/236-brussels-sprouts-with-pancetta
Trena H. December 16, 2016
Chops - Would you suggest going with a grocery store balsamic or should I use a more expensive syrup balsamic?
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 16, 2016
Traders Joes Balsamic or well-aged quality supermarket is fine. I've used Fini. I also buy the pre- chopped pancetta cubes (a must, IMO) and so is the chopped thyme. I cut the balsamic a touch, though. Breadcrumbs optional. I've tripled the recipe with success & made this dish to take a mile away and drive with it (about 1 1/2) with re-heating. Tried & true for sprouts lovers.
Trena H. December 16, 2016
Thanks, Chops! I'm going to make this one for Christmas dinner.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 16, 2016
I always use chicken broth because I never have veal. I do prefer the Fini though better. Make sure you reduce other syrup down so its creates and sticky glaze.
caninechef December 16, 2016
I do wonder about travelling with any recipe that relies on brussel sprouts being crispy from the oven. The crispy aspect does not seem to travel well. If there is oven space available that might help but I do not have personal experience with re-crisping sprouts.
Nancy December 16, 2016
Agree with your concern, caninechef.
Trena, I would go either for
1) something that can be served at room temp (like Momofuku sprouts with fish sauce vinaigrette)
2) something half-cooked at home and finished in host oven, if there were world enough and time.
Also, I just looked in the recipes section and there are 499 (!) sprouts recipes, here alone.
Trena H. December 16, 2016
Excellent point, however I'm traveling to the neighbors, so should stay crispy. Thank you!
Trena H. December 16, 2016
Nancy, I've tried the Momofuku many times and it's delicious! Thank you.
HalfPint December 16, 2016
Not exactly a recipe:

Cut up and fry ~1/2 lb bacon. Drain fat. Add cleaned/prepped brussels sprouts. Saute until until sprouts are cooked but still somewhat crisp. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle lightly with Sriracha.
HalfPint December 16, 2016
Correction: Finish the brussel sprouts and bacon in a 400F oven, until sprouts are cooked but still crisp.

Sorry about that.
Trena H. December 16, 2016
Sounds simple and delicious - thank you Halfpint!
scruz December 16, 2016
this is my current favorite. but oven roasted a la mollie katzen is the ultimo!
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