A question about a recipe: Old-School Swedish Meatballs

I have a question about the recipe "Old-School Swedish Meatballs" from Corby. Can these be made in advance or frozen?

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  • Posted by: Andi
  • December 27, 2016
Old-School Swedish Meatballs
Recipe question for: Old-School Swedish Meatballs


AntoniaJames December 28, 2016
I've done both - made a few days before eating and frozen them. In fact, I usually do both -- cook once (typically for something like this, on the weekend), eat twice! Lately, I've just been shaping the meatballs and freezing them, without cooking or making the sauce, and finishing the recipe later. The recipe is so easy, doing that works well.
Also, WARNING: if making the whole dish and freezing, do not add the sour cream until you defrost and heat, as the cream may separate when frozen, which is not appealing. ;o)
Lindsay-Jean H. December 27, 2016
These are for this specific recipe, but this thread shares a commenter's suggested method for freezing meatballs: https://food52.com/hotline/33935-a-question-about-a-recipe-spicy-korean-style-gochujang-meatballs
Lindsay-Jean H. December 27, 2016
That should be "aren't" for this specific recipe...
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