A question about a recipe: Winter Citrus Custards: Blood Orange Curd + Meyer Lemon Curd

I have a question about the recipe "Winter Citrus Custards: Blood Orange Curd + Meyer Lemon Curd" from Charlotte Curtis. Is Butter Missing from the Blood Orange Curd?

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  • Posted by: cylin4
  • January 20, 2017


Charlotte C. January 25, 2017
Ah, thank you for letting me know about the missing ingredient. I've updated the recipe. Yes, you would add 4 TBL Butter to the Blood Orange Curd. Note the Blood Orange Curd is a "half recipe" compared to the Meyer Lemon Curd ratios. Sorry for any confusion. Happy cooking!
Smaug January 20, 2017
Yes- it's added in the instructions. I'd go with the same proportion as in the Meyer Lemon curd. It may depend on your microwave, but I would also recommend reducing the juice on the stovetop (very carefully).
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