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Is it necessary to peel ginger?

I make this delicious recipe for homemade ginger ale all the time. My question is, do I really have to peel the ginger, or if I don't peel it does it turn bitter or have some other undesirable side effect? Thank you for any assistance you might offer!

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asked 5 months ago
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added 5 months ago

I never peel ginger. I've not noticed any change in taste but I will add that I have not made ginger ale with it where the flavor is much more noticeable than when cooking a dish with a small amount of ginger in it.

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Micki Balder

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added 5 months ago

When I make ginger syrup I don't peel the ginger and it's fine. The one advantage of peeling the ginger here is that you can snack on it when you're done. (you can probably eat the skin, but I don't think it'd taste great)

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added 5 months ago

If it's being filtered out, I don't bother to peel. When it's part of a dish I do because the peel can be tough and unpleasant.

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added 5 months ago

If you freeze the ginger and grate out with a microphone, most of the peel stays behind, and what doesn't isn't noticeable.

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Barbara is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 5 months ago

I meant microplane. (didn't see the auto-correct.)

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added 5 months ago

You'd probably want to wash it pretty thoroughly- it does grow (partially) in dirt, and who knows what goes on in a ginger factory.

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added 5 months ago

I only peel if it's conventionally grown. I don't peel if it's organic. I always check the 'Dirty Dozen' list of the safest and most toxic produce and buy, 'treat', and eat accordingly. I buy organic as much as I can afford. Google 'Dirty Dozen' and see the list from your fave news provider. Pesticides and herbicides linked to loads of cancers and autoimmunity.

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added 5 months ago

I buy a number of mobs @ the Asian Mkt because it's so much cheaper. Then, I use a serrated grapefruit spoon and scrape off the skin. I wrap them & freeze them and grate it on a rasp while frozen when needed. Works great.

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