What to serve with gnudi?

I want people to be feel satisfied without having to eat a pound of cheese to do it :) but of course the side should be light and refreshing. Thinking a salad but would love specific thoughts!

Lauren Ruben


Summer O. April 5, 2017
I had some the other day with a salad and some bread. I personally like just a simple arugula salad with some shaved parm dressed with lemon, oil and salt.
Smaug March 29, 2017
Are your guests gnudists?
Heidi L. March 29, 2017
I serve gnudi in a sauce of sauteed mushrooms, balsamic vinegar and cream. The vinegar helps cut the richness.
nance March 28, 2017
Pear and spinach salad with a complimentary cheese instead of the traditional bleu would be nice. It would help to cut the buttery finish of the sauce from the gnudi, but still feel light and smooth. And the walnuts or pecans can add a textural element to balance the soft dumplings.
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