A question about a recipe: Sheet Pan American Breakfast

I have a question about the recipe "Sheet Pan American Breakfast" from Ali Slagle. Would it work to cook the eggs entirely on the sheet pan in the oven?

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  • Posted by: Allison
  • March 31, 2017
Sheet Pan American Breakfast
Recipe question for: Sheet Pan American Breakfast


Nancy March 31, 2017
Some other recipes for sheet pan breakfast bake the eggs @ 375F until done to taste.
Admittedly, to Ali's point, on a larger base of potatoes & bacon, so you can spoon the raw egg into a nest of already partlt cooked food.
Also see a recent sheet pan cookbook (away from my desk and don't have detaiks handy) for more ideas.
Nancy March 31, 2017
If you search an online bookseller, as I just did, you'll find about 15 books of one-pan meals just on the first page. About 10 are for sheet pans, remaining 5 for other (frypan, appliance).
I have not used enough of them to recommend one, but there are old reliables (Melissa Clark, Martha Stewart Living) and new writers working this area.
Ali S. March 31, 2017
When I tried that, the runny whites ran into my hash browns, but if that doesn't bother you, then yes!
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