What is your best technique for making homemade bread crumbs?

I just had an unbelievably frustrating experience making bread crumbs from a nice loaf of homemade bread. I sliced several pieces of bread and toasted. Next I chopped them into smaller pieces and baked in a 300 degree oven for 10 minutes and left out overnight. They were quite brittle and I thought ready to go. Next I put them in a food processor where they whirled around the blade without becoming crumbs. After that I chopped them on the cutting board only to find them all over my kitchen. I tried rolling them with a rolling pin in a large ziploc bag, this time lots of little holes in the bag. Perhaps I'm not in the cooking mood today. What are your best tips for making bread crumbs? Thank you in advance!

Trena Heinrich


scruz April 27, 2017
i large dice (crouton sized) a nice white french loaf and put in oven to dry out, maybe 250 degrees. once dry, but not toasted, i drizzle olive oil (quite a bit) over every piece and put back in oven and stir around ever 30 minutes or so until it is really crunchy and lightly toasted. i store in containers and when i want bread crumbs, i put a handful (or however much you want) into a produce plastic bag (or ziplock) and slightly hammer and then roll with rolling pin (or wine bottle) until you get the size of crumb you want.
hardlikearmour April 27, 2017
Try grating slices of dried bread with your food processor. It's a Melissa Clark tip that works beautifully.
AntoniaJames April 27, 2017
Heat oven to 300 degrees. Slice bread; toast lightly; cut gently with a serrated knife into medium squares; pulse in food processor to break down into crumbs. Spread on baking sheet; toast for 5 - 10 minutes, stirring once or twice. Let cool on baking sheet, turning over two or three times in the first half hour to release any remaining moisture or steam. I often leave them overnight for good measure. Stored in a tightly lidded container, if fully dried out, they'll be good for a week or two at least.
If you need very fine breadcrumbs, make a large batch and shake through a sieve to get the finest ones.
Hope this helps. ;o)
AntoniaJames April 27, 2017
I should mention that I use a convection oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Non-convection ovens should be set at 325; it may take a bit longer to dry the crumbs without the hot air circulating. ;o)
ChefJune April 27, 2017
Are you pulsing the bread in the food processor? I never have any trouble with that...
Trena H. April 27, 2017
Yes. Perhaps the food processor you use does a better job.
Smaug April 27, 2017
I use a blender- it's a pain in the neck and doesn't work very well, but I think it's a little better than the food processor
Suzy B. April 27, 2017
I grate the bread. To make delicious crunchy breadcrumbs I toss them with a little olive oil and seasonings and either cook in a dry frying pan or spread on a baking sheet and do for a few minutes in a medium hot oven, either way till crispand golden.
AntoniaJames April 27, 2017
Yes Suzy, with seasonings and oil, so, so good! Best way I know to bring a winter or early spring salad out of the doldrums. ;o)
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