BBQ Dessert ideas for 15 people

I'm going to a BBQ next weekend and I'd like to make something delicious and fruit based with cream perhaps. I was thinking about strawberry shortcake or peach cobbler with homemade ice cream, but I'd appreciate any ideas from the Food52 community. Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Bevi June 1, 2017
I love making this cake this time of year, with fresh strawberries. It's great for a BBQ and will make an ample amount for 15 people:
Bevi June 1, 2017
And you can serve with whipped cream, or coconut whipped cream.
Trena H. June 1, 2017
Thanks, Bevi! This looks delicious and I love your idea to serve it with whipped cream. Yum!
Konky's C. June 1, 2017
Grilled fruited shortcake with an infused whipped cream.

I make a homemade pound cake that I slice on the slightly thicker side and GRILL IT!
Halved strawberries but leave cold and fresh

I use Godiva white chocolate liqueur in heavy cream, a little confectioner sugar, Madagascar vanilla and whip that up into a luscious whipped cream.

Some walnuts for a nice crunchy element and it takes shortcake to a whole new level.
My husband LOVES grilled shortcake!
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scruz May 23, 2017
you probably won't do it for now, but later in the season remember to throw some nectarine and peach halves on the grill. they come out so good. for now you could grill some pineapple. or if you lived where i do, you will be heating up the house by baking some chicken and fighting the fog that is being sucked in by hot inland temps.
HalfPint May 23, 2017
I would make a trifle. This one is pretty good,
Trena H. May 23, 2017
I think a trifle is an excellent idea. This recipe looks nice and light, precisely what I was looking for. Thank you!
Jennifer W. May 23, 2017
I made this pie with a few modifications and it was just heaven in its simplicity!
Excuse my shorthand I cut and pasted my notes here: berries= 8 c total, 1.5 used for puree. put 8 oz crm cheese, 1 c whipped cream 3/4 c sug on bottom. used choc pastry crust with choc chips melted on bottom. whipped cream on top is heaven!

This is also a really yummy cobbler recipe- definitely hits the sweet tooth spot:)
Trena H. May 23, 2017
Thanks, Jennifer! These look delicious - the cobbler recipe reminds me of my favorite peach served warm with homemade vanilla ice cream.
Nancy May 20, 2017
Desserts with fruit, road tested & guest approved:
1) Olive oil-Sauternes cake with peaches on top (Alice Waters, Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook). Can be made as written (spring form or cake pan), or in a slab, a format others have suggested.
2) Rhubarb Stilton Cheesecake, from Michael Noble, chef of Diva at the Met, Vancouver. Delicious, unusual, more tart-sweet and refreshing than many cheesecakes. Rhubarb is in season, and some groceries carry it in the freezer section, conveniently raw but prepped.
Trena H. May 20, 2017
Thank you, Nancy!
MMH May 20, 2017
This time of year there are so many beautiful berries. I think the simplicity of berries over really good ice cream is devine.
mstv May 20, 2017
Banana pudding - I like this recipe but I add more bananas:
Trena H. May 20, 2017
This looks like a very tasty recipe. Thank you!
Kayla R. May 20, 2017
I love to make ice cream cakes for BBQs. A simple Oreo cookie cookie crust made with crushed cookies and melted butter frozen until hard, then topped with ice cream of choice (my favorite is mint chocolate chip), followed by a layer of hot fudge and a layer of cool whip.
Trena H. May 20, 2017
Kayla - This is a very good idea! I've made something very similar many years ago. Do you bake the cookie and melted butter layer before freezing it?
Kayla R. May 20, 2017
Hi Trena, thank you! I've never baked the cookie layer. It seems to hold together well enough with 30-45 mins in the freezer. Make sure to bring a sturdy knife though, it can be tough to cut right out of the freezer!
Trena H. May 20, 2017
Please, also include recipes that you've tried successfully! Thank you.
BerryBaby May 20, 2017
Slab pies are fun and gives lots of room for creativity.
PieceOfLayerCake May 20, 2017
I second slab pie....I think that and cobbler are the perfect outdoor, summery/warm weather desserts. Literally a couple batches of your favorite pie crust and some fresh summer fruit tossed with a bit of sugar, salt, cornstarch and lemon juice. I use Tartine's flaky crust (both the recipe and the method) and the sugar/thickener will always depend on your fruit....there's a chart somewhere for that by Rose Levy Beranbaum.

You can also do an upside down cake in a sheet pan too (or in a couple round pans), you can use pretty much any fruit you want and any cake recipe you want. I like apricots/peaches in a brown sugary sauce with an almond cake or lemon poppyseed cake on top.

Another option is fruit streusel bars. I just make a large batch of streusel, press ⅔ of it into the bottom of a sheet pan, put a fruit filling on top (treated like pie filling), then scatter the remaining streusel on top, bake it until the fruit bubbles up, like a pie.

I have recipes for these, but not uploaded to the internet. If you're interested in any, I can upload them, though.
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