An icebox cake that doesn't have ice cream

Many years ago, my father was stationed in Vicenza, Italy. While the family was there, an elderly Italian woman became a friend. She made a no-bake cake from crushed cookies of some sort, cocoa and probably sugar, but I have no idea what else went in it.
Does anyone have a recipe that is similar to this? It was shaped in a loaf pan, assuming my memory is correct.

Paula G
  • Posted by: Paula G
  • June 22, 2017


HalfPint June 23, 2017
Might be something similar to this:

I'd leave out the raisins and nuts, but sort of sounds like your cake.
Veronica June 23, 2017
Hello there! I don't know if this helps - but F52 just did a big write up on icebox cakes that used cookies, whipped cream (no ice cream) and various other toppings. The link is here:

I tried the Tirami icebox cake with biscoff cookies, espresso and chocolate and it was really good!
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