A question about a recipe: Spicy Indian Mango Pickle

I have a question about the recipe "Spicy Indian Mango Pickle" from A Brown Table. How long can this be stored for ? Weeks .

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Spicy Indian Mango Pickle
Recipe question for: Spicy Indian Mango Pickle


702551 July 9, 2017
Since this is not a true fermented product like a real pickle, it would be safer to say that it should be consumed fairly quickly, within a few days, perhaps stretched out to a week but I would expect the quality to rapidly deteriorate. This is even more the case since this preparation uses fresh lime juice, not vinegar.

The recipe author has some opinions about the product quality in the head note: "I personally prefer to eat this pickle the day it is prepared, as the spices tend to mellow a little and the mint leaves tend to darken over time."
Nancy July 9, 2017
Fair enough.
Rosemary Barnett, if you want an amba that will last longer, look at this one.
Nancy July 9, 2017
From general practice (all pickles) and some specific answers on Indian pickles, expected range is one year - two year - forever (with caveats, as long as enough salt or oil are in the mix, presumably to prevent oxidation and deterioration).
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