Boule style bread with chocolate chips - Recipes?

I just tried a boule style bread with chocolate chips from a local farmers market in Lenox, MA. I'd love to recreate this for myself and family. The loaf was crusty and the flavor of the bread savory. It appears the baker sprinkled the dough w/ chocolate chips and formed it into a ball and baked. Any ideas, suggestions, or recipes appreciated!

Trena Heinrich


PieceOfLayerCake July 23, 2017
I think sourdough lends itself to sweet if levains are your thing, I'd do a country style bread, 75% hydration and add the chocolate during the first fold after salting. If any of that sounds even the least bit exciting, I can go into more detail. ;)
Trena H. July 21, 2017
Thanks you Nancy and HalfPint! Based on your suggestions, I'm going to modify my favorite boule bread recipe and add 3 cups of chocolate chips before the dough rises for 2 hours. I'll report back w/ the results. A friend brought the bread and shared it w/ me so I didn't have a chance to speak w/ the vendor. Still interested in hearing from other Food52 members who may have experience baking this type of bread.
HalfPint July 21, 2017
I think Jim Lahey has a coconut chic chip/chunk no knead bread that seems to fit your description. I've made it without the coconut . It's delicious and very easy to make.
HalfPint July 21, 2017
Here's the recipe:
Nancy July 21, 2017
Ask the vendor for the recipe?
Short of that,and if you still have the bread around, do some thoughtful tasting and make notes...
*was the dough plain or slightly sweetened?
*was the chocolate really chips?
*do you (and your household) like that chocolate enough to repeat?
* or want to change it some way (milk, darker, etc)?
*was the crumb all white, stone ground, whole wheat?
Then apply your answers to a boule recipe from someone you trust (or recommended here) and play around.
Your first attempt may get it right, or (tough job, someone has to do it) you may have to repeat the baking.
Sounds delicious!
Please tell us how it comes out.
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