How bad will it be if I sub in moscato for dry white wine in an arrabbiatta sauce?



Greenstuff February 22, 2011
Sorbet? e.g., pierno's blood orange
amysarah February 22, 2011
I'd definitely think sweet (dessert) with Moscato. You can use it in a zabaglione, instead of Marsala, or poach or roast fruit with it. Maybe even use it in a trifle, with lots of berries, etc. (Btw, I've also never seen wine in a pasta al', a glass - or three - to drink with it is another story ;)
pierino February 22, 2011
To be honest I've never seen a recipe for anything al'arribiata that actually called for wine. Vodka would be interesting as most of it will burn off. But I wouldn't carry it further than that. Key components are tomato, garlic and a generous amount of hot pepper flake. Chopped parsley is good.
Abra B. February 22, 2011
Put some fruits to soak in the moscato, and either eat them as a fruit salad or serve it over pound cake, or even ice cream.
MoriahBee February 22, 2011
I figured. But I can't drink it! Any suggestions for what else I might do with a half-bottle of syrupy sweet moscato?
nogaga February 22, 2011
It would be awful! Arrabiata is a spicy, garlicky, tomato-y sauce, an angry sauce, in the best sense. Moscato is slow and lugubruious, honeyish and reminiscent of dried fruit. A total clash. You can replace the dry white wine with vodka, sherry, a prickly red like a young sirah or just skip the wine altogether and add a bit more olive oil. Enjoy!
always040 February 22, 2011
Moscato isn't dry at all - I think its sweet flavor would totally change your sauce. I would go for a red over that, if you had it. Something else for acid - a touch of white wine vinegar or lemon juice instead might work.
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