A question about a recipe: Raw Mini Key Lime Pies

I have a question about the recipe "Raw Mini Key Lime Pies" from Natalie. If some of these are not consumed immediately after the initial freezing, should I leave them in the freezer or transfer them to the fridge? I'm worried that they will get too firm or frozen in the freezer, but I can't be sure if they'll keep in the fridge.

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Raw Mini Key Lime Pies
Recipe question for: Raw Mini Key Lime Pies


Natalie August 9, 2017
You should store them in the freezer and when you want to take one out to eat, let it sit on your counter for 10-15 minutes before eating it so it can soften a bit. Thanks!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 9, 2017
I would store extras in the freezer and thaw slightly before serving if needed.
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