A question about a recipe: Picadillo Bowl

I have a question about the recipe "Picadillo Bowl" from Food52. The ratios for the recipe seem off by a lot. 10lbs of meat for 4 servings? Can someone please correct the recipe?

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Picadillo Bowl
Recipe question for: Picadillo Bowl


702551 September 21, 2017
Same with the slaw. 1 head of green cabbage shredded and a half head of red cabbage shredded. That is a heck of a lot of cabbage.

This appears to be a restaurant prep recipe that was not converted down to four serving ingredient portions. My guess is that the recipe as currently published is probably for 20 servings (a half pound of meat per person).
AntoniaJames September 21, 2017
Looking at the ratio of beef to the other ingredients in the recipe, e.g., four quarts of tomato sauce, one might conclude that perhaps the number of servings noted is in error . . . . . . .
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