A question about a recipe: Roasted Black Cod in Ginger Cilantro Broth

I have a question about the recipe "Roasted Black Cod in Ginger Cilantro Broth" from Josh Cohen. What fish should I use to substitute for black cod if I am unable to locate the sablefish in my local markets? Do any of the instructions need to be changed (such as marinade time) if using a different fish?

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  • Posted by: Shawna
  • September 22, 2017


caninechef September 22, 2017
Grouper or Monkfish? both are firm, mild white fish. More character than regular cod.
pierino September 23, 2017
Monkfish is an excellent suggestion with its lobster like texture. I think sturgeon would be good too if you can find it.
Josh C. September 22, 2017
I would suggest using halibut as a substitute. It won't have exactly the same silky fatty texture, but it will work. I would avoid using chilean sea bass for sustainability reasons.
ChefJune September 22, 2017
You could use cod, haddock, striped or black bass. The fish needs to be white fleshed, (I'd think salmon would be to distinctive) but sturdy.
I wouldn't use "Chilean Sea Bass" because regardless of what "they" say, it's still a highly endangered fish.
HalfPint September 22, 2017
Sable fish aka black cod is a oily (in a good way) white fleshed fish with a soft, almost buttery texture. Any similar fish will work.

This site suggests Chilean sea bass or salmon as substitute, https://www.brownetrading.com/species-spotlight/sablefish/

Stephanie B. September 22, 2017
I made this a while ago and I couldn't find black cod either. I can't remember exactly what I used...I think it was either regular cod or haddock. I must have liked it because it's still in my saved recipes.
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