Favorite bread + spread combination

I'm going to a potluck consisting of snack foods and bites. I'd like to bake a crusty boule bread, but I'm not sure what to serve it with. Personally, I love butter or brie cheese. Thoughts? Whatever I bring will need to be kept at room temperature for 4-plus hours. Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Trena H. October 22, 2017
I just came home from the potluck. I served my homemade bread with a softened local butter. I live in the Berkshires and we're very fortunate to have a local dairy with Jersey cows. Simple, yet everyone love it. Thanks, for all of your input!
Nancy October 22, 2017
creamtea October 22, 2017
I agree with Nancy, sounds wonderful!
PHIL October 18, 2017
Fig jam, prosciutto, Parmesan cheese
Stephanie B. October 16, 2017
A good, home-made rustic bread doesn't need much beyond butter or brie, but that is only my opinion. If that's what you want to bring, I say go for it - ChefJune mentioned good quality Irish butter, or you can make or buy some herb butters if you think just butter is too plain. Bread, brie, and a jam (fig? apricot? I like those with brie) is also an option that lines up with your preference here.
ChefJune October 16, 2017
I'd do that Boule, and I'd bring a couple of delicious imported salted butters - Probably Kerrygold (from Ireland) and Beurre d'Isigny (France). Both are almost always on the shelf at Whole Foods, and they give a lot of folks a chance to taste cultured butter that's not widely available in US brands.
ChefJune October 16, 2017
Just make sure the butter is at spreadable temperature - and don't worry, it won't spoil in 4 hours or so.

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pierino October 16, 2017
Crostini wth tapenade is practical.
ChefJune October 16, 2017
But Trena loves butter. Nothing wrong with sharing good butter.
Nancy October 16, 2017
First, I'm worried about the 4+ hours. I would split your spread in half and bring out the second half either when the first half runs out or at midpoint of party (aiming for max 2 hours at room temp).
Second, given all the threads here about serving people with various dietary restrictions (for allergies or by choice), I wouldn't serve animal fat as my only choice.
If you want a good vegetarian sauce, consider
*muhammara (pomegranate walnut),
*salsa verde or other green sauce w/o dairy cheese,
*pb with a sweet-sour sauce (cranberry or chutney)
*artichoke spread made without dairy cheese,
*pepper jelly on a vegan cream cheese,
*red sauce from Sicily.
Third option, do two sauces at once, and make half the quantities you would plan for one.
Butter & brie on one side, vegan or vegatarian spread on the other.
ChefJune October 16, 2017
Sounds like there are going to be a number of other folks bringing food to share. I wouldn't necessarily feel the need to bring something "vegetarian" because there's bound to be other selections... Unless she wants to...
pierino October 16, 2017
Bruschetta with truffles. Coming into season now.
Nancy October 16, 2017
Pierino - and you'll pay for the truffles, yes?
ChefJune October 16, 2017
I think not enough people would appreciate truffles. I'd save those for a more intimate dinner party.
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