Favorite brands of extracts you use for baking (orange, vanilla, etc)?

I'd like to add to my collection of extracts for baking breads and making tea blends. Please share your favorite brands of extracts that you use in your favorite recipes. Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


Stephanie B. November 27, 2017
Flavorganics has my absolute favorite peppermint extract. In my grocery store it's either in the organic section or gluten free section, instead of with the rest of the baking supplies. I haven't tried their other products.
ChefJune November 27, 2017
The brands of extracts I prefer: for Vanilla, ONLY Nielsen-Massey, and of their several varieties, my favorite is Bourbon Madagascar. They also make some lovely lemon, orange blossom, coffee, chocolate... check their web site: www.nielsenmassey.com
I also love and use Boyajian oils and extracts. check their web site also: boyajianinc.com
Trena H. November 27, 2017
Thank you!
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