A question about a recipe: Roy Finamore's Sweet Potato-Cornmeal Sandwich Loaf

I have a question about the recipe "Roy Finamore's Sweet Potato-Cornmeal Sandwich Loaf" from Nicholas Day. Can I put this bread dough in the fridge to rise? If so, how long should I leave it there and can I do both risings?

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  • Posted by: roco
  • November 28, 2017
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames November 28, 2017
Yes, put it into a large oiled container at least twice the size of the dough, with a tight cover, as soon as you've finished kneading it. Try to put it in the coldest place in your fridge. It will continue to rise, but not as fast. It will likely have doubled within 8 - 10 hours, if not sooner. Let the dough rest for a few minutes on the counter before shaping for the final rise.

You can do the second rise in the fridge as well. Lightly oil a piece of plastic wrap and cover the loaf tightly - not so tightly that it won't rise fully. It should take 2 - 4 hours, or possibly more, for the second rise, depending on how long it sat out on the counter, how warm your hands were when you shaped the loaf, how warm the room was, how cold the fridge is, etc. Check it every so often, however, in case it rises more quickly than that. The second rise usually takes less time than the first. ;o)
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