A question about a recipe: Chocolate Hamantaschen

I have a question about the recipe "Chocolate Hamantaschen" from Alice Medrich. I remember eating these as a Child my question is can I substitute the ON rice flour to all-purpose flour

  • Posted by: kc
  • December 12, 2017
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Recipe question for: Chocolate Hamantaschen

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Nancy December 13, 2017

One opinion: these GF recipes have complicated relations of flour and moisture (different from wheat flour), and usually have been tested multiple times for good results. Replacing the flour and getting a new perfect flour-moisture relationship is not easy, even for an expert baker.
I'm an experienced but not expert baker, and when faced with this problem I default to another tested recipe.
In this case, you could make a reliable AP flour hamentaschen dough (from a recipe you know, or a cook/chef whose recipes please you) and use Alice Medrich's chocolate filling, to get her taste in your chocolate pastries.
FYI two reliable hamentaschen recipes from:
1) Toria Avey (formerly known as the Shikse in the Kitchen)
2) Joan Nathan (award-winning food journalist and cookbook author)

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