I only have an 8" round cake pan! What should I do?

Five-Spice Chocolate Sweet Rolls
Recipe question for: Five-Spice Chocolate Sweet Rolls


Nancy December 18, 2017
Use one of the charts on line comparing volumes of baking pans (KAF, allrecipes, etc.)
And/or - geometry alert - figure the volume of the pans (in cu in or cu cm, convert to cups or ml liquid volume) and then adjust your recipes.
From my charts & calculations, the quarter sheet pan (13x9x1) holds about 7.5c volume, and an 8" round cake pan (2" high) about 8c.
So, doubling the recipe should give you two round 8" cake layers.
Nancy December 18, 2017
Oops! - had the Erin McDowell 5" cake in mind when I was answering. Forget the specific pan recommendation, but yes could evaluate the pans by size.
Stephanie B. December 18, 2017
You can probably still squeeze them in, but they may not expand as much since they won't have as much room to puff out. Maybe try baking one or two of them separately in a muffin or cupcake tin, so those and the ones in the 8" round have space to spread?
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