A question about a recipe: Whisky-Cured Salmon

I have a question about the recipe "Whisky-Cured Salmon" from Valerie Aikman-Smith. Would it be ok to high quality, flash frozen salmon for this gravlox recipe?

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  • Posted by: Joanna
  • December 21, 2017
Whisky-Cured Salmon
Recipe question for: Whisky-Cured Salmon


valstylist December 21, 2017
Hi Joanna yes you can altho I have only used fresh. However my brother in law who is Swedish says they freeze the salmon before curing it.
Greenstuff December 21, 2017
Yes, in fact some people think that you should freeze salmon before making gravlax. The same principle applies to sashimi-grade salmon, which is frozen to kill parasites.
Joanna December 21, 2017
Great, thank you!
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