Sauces for fresh homemade pasta

Some months ago I purchased a hand crank pasta machine from Italy. I've been enjoying making homemade pasta ever since. My question to the food52 community is, what are some of your favorite recipes or ingredients for fresh pasta? Preferably, I'd like to use ingredients that are in season now. Thank you for your help!

Trena Heinrich


MMH December 28, 2017
We love pesto.. We live in a cold climate so we make it & freeze it during the summer. We've been making it with a combination of basil & kale- just for the extra veggie. We eat it year round.

I love roasted red pepper sauce. It's very simple & elegant. I think it tastes like it has cream in it. I think it's especially good on cheese ravioli. It's this simple:

Roast 6 halved red peppers under the broiler until charred. Place in a bag to steam.
While the peppers are steaming, sautee an onion or 2 in olive oil with garlic.
Skin the peppers over a bowl so you don't lose any juice. The skin should slide right off.
Combine the onion and red pepper in a bowl & puree with an immersion blender. Add chicken stock to the thickness or thinness desired for your sauce.
Season with salt & pepper.

This freezes very well & it's a gorgeous color.
MMH December 28, 2017
You can add some ed pepper flakes. The spice is nice with the sweet of the roasted peppe.
Trena H. December 28, 2017
Red pepper sauce sounds like a delicious addition to my homemade pasta recipes. Thanks for the suggestion.
amysarah December 27, 2017
Many heavier winter sauces involving meat (e.g., Bolognese) do better with a sturdy dried pasta, I think. But sauteed mushrooms, with brown butter and sage, are great with fresh pasta. Pesto is also a good choice for fresh pasta - basil is a summer thing, but I've been making a lot of arugula pesto (walnuts, olive oil, garlic, parm) which is easily available year round, at least in these parts. I actually think I like it just as much.
Trena H. December 28, 2017
Brown butter and sage is one of my favorites - great idea! Believe it or not my local grocery store still has greenhouse grown genovese basil that is quite good. Maybe it's not too late for some homemade pesto. Thanks for your help!
Nancy December 27, 2017
For a warming winter dish. Sauteed cabbage (about 8c) and onions (1 cup or more to taste) until the vegetables are soft and caramelized. Cast iron skillet is good. At end, add cooked drained short pasta, stir to warm through (usually from 1 lb dried bowties, so use about half lb fresh short), salt and pepper, serve. Delicious.
Nancy December 27, 2017
PS Serve as is, in small portions as side or starter. Or top with some meat or cheese to make a main.
Trena H. December 28, 2017
Nancy - This sounds delicious! Reminds me of Marcella Hazan's smothered cabbage recipe.
MMH December 26, 2017
Are you asking for sauce recipes or pasta or both?
Trena H. December 26, 2017
Sauces. Thank you!
702551 December 26, 2017
For the winter months, I'm partial to crab raviolis or mushroom raviolis. If you are just making noodles, a mushroom sauce might work.

I tend to stick with very simple sauces for homemade pasta.

Brown butter works well. Butter, olive oil, and the classic "in brodo" type preparations work great.

Quite often I serve plain noodles (maybe lightly tossed in butter) as a side starch to something else.
Trena H. December 28, 2017
I found a good tutorial on the serious eats website for making raviolis. Crab and mushroom seem like a good place to start. Thanks!
Nancy December 28, 2017
As you're favoring raviolis, another good filling is squash or pumpkin with sage. Many recipes out there.
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