What is the shelf-life of marcona almonds?



calendargirl March 3, 2011
drbabs is right, keeping any nuts in the freezer will prevent them from going rancid. The key is to buy them from a source where there is lots of turnover, which will insure that you start off with a fresh product. Then keep your marconas frozen until you are ready to eat them and take out just what you plan to consume. I find nuts come to room temp fairly quickly, especially if I put them in a shallow bowl an hour or two before serrving.
pierino March 3, 2011
But they are so delicious that you will gobble them within a day of opening the package. Or your friends and family will---unless you are importing a whole sea chest of them. Great with fat green olives.
Merrill S. March 3, 2011
I find they go rancid quite quickly -- I try to eat mine within 2 or 3 weeks.
drbabs March 3, 2011
Short. (The last time I bought them, the expiration on the bag was maybe a month or two.) Keep them in the freezer and they'll last longer.
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