Think this could be made with Maple Syrup? I am cutting back on refined sugar.

Banana Jam
Recipe question for: Banana Jam


paizley February 19, 2018
I like using coconut sugar for the flavor and it won't overpower the banana. I don't like maple syrup or honey for some reason. I don't consume white or brown sugar. Coconut sugar isn't really that much healthier but I prefer it when making jams and jellies. Most of it is given away and I only indulge occasionally (like once a month).
hcammarata February 20, 2018
Thanks! This is a great idea since Coconut Sugar isn't refined.
Emma L. February 12, 2018
Hi hcammarata! I haven't tried a similar substitution, but here's where I would start: Very ripe bananas. 1/2 cup sugar. 1/2 cup maple syrup. (Caveat: This might mask the banana flavor.) Substituting in jam is tricky, because it's one of two foundational ingredients (fruit and white sugar, which is neutral in flavor). Has anyone else replaced the sugar in jam before? Curious to hear others weigh in!
hcammarata February 12, 2018
Thanks for the feedback! I agree, a mix of white sugar and Maple Syrup is probably the way to go.
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