A question about a recipe: Pasta with Peas, Portobellos, and Walnuts in an Aglio Et Olio Sauce

I have a question about the recipe "Pasta with Peas, Portobellos, and Walnuts in an Aglio Et Olio Sauce" from Veganosity. How much of the mushrooms do I need for this recipe?

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creamtea March 12, 2018
Here is a link to the recipe posted in the recipe author's blog: https://www.veganosity.com/pasta-with-peas-portobellos-and-walnuts-in-an-aglio-et-olio-sauce/. As BB says, it lists 20 mushroom caps. It appears that the recipe as posted on F52 is incomplete.
Nancy March 12, 2018
In similar recipes, I see equal weights of pasta and mushrooms...that would be 1 lb here.
But/And agree with BerryBaby.
Use as many mushrooms as you have on hand or to taste.
BerryBaby March 11, 2018
I read the recipe and it calls for 20 medium portabella mushroom caps. Unless they are sliced, it’s hard to measure in a cup. There are about 10 in the prepackaged containers. Honestly, you could do less or more mushrooms depending on your preference.
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