A question about a recipe: Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Pie

I have a question about the recipe "Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Pie" from Oh Sweet Day!. How do you get the batter out of the pan and it doesn't loose the shape?

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  • Posted by: Katty
  • March 17, 2018
Recipe question for: Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Pie


Smaug March 17, 2018
Sticking can be a big problem with crumb crusts. If you make the crust with margarine and butter the pan, it won't stick- unfortunately, doesn't work the other way around. The best system is to line the pan with foil before putting the crumb mixture in; you then bake the crust. Next (after it cools a bit) freeze it solid; it can then be lifted out of the pan and the foil peelded off; then replace it in the pan (or not if you're feeling brave, but it's fairly fragile after it thaws).
Smaug March 17, 2018
PS- never tried it with a teflon pie plate- might work, but you'd likely ruin the pan cutting the pie.
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