What can I serve alongside this halloumi salad?!

I'm having a couple of people round for a very casual meal this weekend. One of them has asked for a specific haloumi salad. It's super basic: a bed of baby spinach/kale, topped with barbecued haloumi, sliced pears, avocado chunks, a few walnuts, and lemon juice. It's a really nice salad (especially if the haloumi is bbqd), and I usually zhuzh it up by having a couple of different types of pear (usually nashi and packham). However, I feel like it's still VERY basic to serve when hosting for dinner.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something I can serve alongside it? Fritters? Skewers? Another salad? I don't know what sorts of flavours would go. Vegetarian options are great, but I'd consider meat as well. It really doesn't have to be anything at all fancy!

One diner doesn't eat seafood, and one can't eat lentils, bulgar wheat or couscous.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

  • Posted by: Meg
  • March 21, 2018


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Lost_in_NYC March 21, 2018

Your salad sounds amazing and very Mediterranean! In keeping with that theme, here are some ideas:

- Hummus and grilled pita
- Chicken skewers
- Tzatziki dip
- Grilled or roasted veggie (bell peppers/onions/mushrooms/asparagus/etc)
- Couscous or Tabbouleh (I know one person can't eat it but the others could!)
- Greek lemon potatoes

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Nancy March 21, 2018

If you don't serve the hummus and grilled pita, include some other kind of compatible country bread or rolls.
Also, consider a mixed fruit dessert, or something like fresh oranges or lemons hollowed out and filled with sorbet.

Meg March 21, 2018

Thank you! Yes I agree that pita and dips (hummus, tzatiki, etc) would go really well. I had been thinking of serving those as nibbles, but the fact you suggested that has given me confirmation that that's a good option flavour-wise. Cheers!

dinner at ten
dinner at ten March 21, 2018

I think the sweet potato cakes with cilantro-yogurt sauce from Ottolenghi's cookbook Plenty would go well. If you don't have the cookbook, it's posted many places online including in Ottolenghi's old column here: https://www.theguardian...

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Emily | Cinnamon&Citrus

I like to serve salad with starch so maybe some grilled bread with zucchini "butter" from this site? https://food52.com/recipes.... To round it out and continue with a grilled theme, perhaps skewers with red potatoes (plus or minus chicken, I've done alternating chicken/potato skewers before) marinated in a mixture of lemon juice/zest, olive oil, salt, pepper, smashed garlic cloves and rosemary, grilled. If you'd like to include an easy dessert, you could grill slices of store bought pound cake and serve with macerated strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

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Meg March 24, 2018

Thanks all, I don't know how to mark this"closed". The dinner was last night, and I made the sweet potato cakes suggested by Dinner At Ten. They were perfect, and went down well. They also allowed me to stick to my original plan of serving bread with nibbles without doubling up. I kept the lemon theme going by serving a lemon blueberry cake (with lemon curd filling and cream cheese icing), accompanied by macarons for dessert (blueberry and white chocolate, lemon curd and dark chocolate).

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