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I recently ordered a $200 bread board sold by Food52 and made by Dutch Deluxes. It broke during shipping due to poor packing (see photos). I immediately contacted Food52 to request an overnight replacement as Ithe board was to be a gift that I planned to hand-deliver in 3 days time. My request was refused by Dutch Deluxes.

In doing business with Food52, you should be aware that:
*there is no customer service phone #; Food52 states that they lack the manpower to man such a line (the site includes bios of 72 team members and the blog boasts of a 7-member customer care team);
*Food52 refers product concerns to the maker for resolution while the Food52 customer waits for a response;
*it does not appear that Food52 requires its makers to agree to uniform practices regarding customer service;
*Food52 acts merely as a messenger between the customer and maker, allowing the latter complete discretion in handling customer service matters, despite the fact that the customer is doing business with Food52, not the maker;
*there is no means for customers to review the products/service/makers of Food52.

These are rudimentary inadequacies that shouldn’t exist with any online seller. They are also matters not apparent to the customer when buying from Food52’s site. A word to the wise from a disappointed buyer — Buyer beware.

asked by Judith Thomas 6 months ago

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Customer Care
added 6 months ago

Hi Judith,

Thanks for reaching out about this—and I'm so sorry again for the trouble with this order. We're still a small team (of 4 presently) and not yet set up for phone support, but we're always happy to help via email. I can see that you've since contacted us by writing [email protected]!

You are correct in that our site is entirely drop-ship, meaning that our makers ship directly from their shops and warehouses around the country (vs. once central location). For this reason, our Customer Care Team will resolve all orders issues with each customer and each maker, directly.

That said, thank you again for your feedback—I will be sure to pass it along to the appropriate team members as we continue to make our site and user-experience as transparent and accommodating, for you!

I can see that we've since resolved this with you via email—if you have any further questions, concerns or feedback about this, please reach out to [email protected]!

The Food52 Customer Care Team

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