A question about a recipe: Walking Spanish Down the Hall Part 2; Homage to Catalonia

I have a question about the recipe "Walking Spanish Down the Hall Part 2; Homage to Catalonia" from pierino. OH GOD I hate to ask this question but what is a ramps?

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Fran M. March 7, 2011
susan g thanks for the link .Thank you all.
pierino March 6, 2011
And now that I'm no longer trying to reply from a smartphone in an airport, yes, ramps have a flavor profile somewhere between leek and garlic.
susan G. March 6, 2011
Ramps are what got Rapunzel in trouble.
For a photo: http://chicagoist.com/2008/05/13/its_ramp_season.php
gt9 March 6, 2011
wild leeks, scallions, wild garlic
gluttonforlife March 6, 2011
ramps are wild leeks
pierino March 6, 2011
Ramps are similar to scallions but difficult to find outside of the east coast
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