What temperature should you fry the vegetable balls? Thank you!

Vegetable Manchurian
Recipe question for: Vegetable Manchurian


Annada R. May 20, 2018
Hello Trena, Annada here! I generally fry the Veg Manchurian balls in Indian pan called "kadhai." It is a wok like pan meant specifically for frying. So I have not used a thermometer to check the oil temperature for frying, ever. But I'll tell you the way I determine if the oil is hot enough to start frying. I take a tiny piece of the manchurian ball (or anything that I'm frying) and drop it gently in the oil. If it comes up right away, the oil is hot enough. And secondly, I always heat my oil at medium heat. Sorry but I cannot give a specific temperature.
Trena H. May 20, 2018
Thank you for the quick response, Annada! I appreciate your cooking tips.
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