I need help recreating a pasta sauce from last nights meal.

I went to a restaurant and had a penne pasta dish with what I believe was a basil pesto carbonara sauce. Does anyone have a recipe for a sauce like this? Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


HalfPint June 30, 2018
I would recommend Patricia Wells’ Light Basil Sauce mixed with an egg yolk, fried diced pancetta, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Tossed well with drained hot pasta. The basil sauce is basil, garlic, and olive oil. No nuts. This is basically how PW makes her pesto pasta with the raw egg and cheese. My favorite pesto pasta recipe.
Trena H. June 30, 2018
HalfPint - Thank you!
HalfPint June 30, 2018
Forgot the salt in the basil sauce. I make a big batch of it and freeze in 1/4 cup servings. Then all I have to do is put a serving into a large bowl near/next to the pot of pasta water. By the time the pasta is cooked, the basil is mostly thawed and dinner is ready in less 5 minutes.

Let us know how your experiment turns out :)
Trena H. July 4, 2018
This recipe turned out really well. I made the Patricia Wells light basil sauce as you suggested and incorporated 2 egg yolks and a cup of shredded parm. A friend gifted some garlic scapes and I threw those in, too. I served it over fresh homemade pasta and finished it with a bit of lemon zest. Thanks for your help!
702551 June 30, 2018
Since no photo has been provided, I'll just have to stab in the dark.

My guess is that this was a basic carbonara pasta (use whatever recipe strikes your fancy) with standalone basil pesto (again use whatever recipe you prefer) mixed into the sauce at the last moment to preserve the freshness of the pesto. Cooking the pesto in the sauce for an extended time would not improve it.

Anyhow if someone asked me to prepare this dish, that's how I would do it.

Note that in a restaurant the basil pesto might be standard mise en place for use in several dishes that would require it as a component.

Anyhow best of luck.
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