How does non-dairy butter work with this?

Oat Streusel Jam Bars
Recipe question for: Oat Streusel Jam Bars


Foodie71 July 14, 2018
Please confine your response to answers not patronizing comments. I am aware of what recipe developers do. The question was asked of the community.
Smaug July 14, 2018
One strives to maintain Food52's Polyanna policy on comments, but you really shouldn't pass out straight lines like that- it could be construed as taunting and earn you a technical foul.
Smaug July 13, 2018
It doesn't hurt to ask, but people should understand that recipe developers are not likely to have tested their recipes with a lot of substitutions; if they do, they'll generally tell you about it.
Ttrockwood July 13, 2018
I have found Earth Balance to be the best vegan baking butter, hasn’t failed me yet. It is formulated to substitute for butter the exact same measurement. (Other vegan butters will have varying amount of water which can have a huge impact when baking)
Emma L. July 12, 2018
Hi! I've only tested with butter but am hopeful margarine would pull through. Excited to hear if anyone tries this and how it turns out!
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