What's your favorite thing to buy at Aldi?

Hi friends! We're working on another grocery store product roundup—they're so fun and I know everyone had opinions about what to get at Trader Joe's and Costco. Well, we're doing an Aldi one next. Groceries play such an important role in all of our lives. This time I'd love to feature you, the community, in this piece. So: What do YOU love at Aldi?

  • Posted by: Eric Kim
  • September 18, 2018


Ttrockwood October 6, 2018
I go sporadically but certainly can’t do all my shopping there, the few times i have visited the produce ranged from OK to totally horrible (location in harlem, nyc)
I end up buying the spatzle in a box, just boil and sauté (so good!) and i’m a total condiment-aholic so of course any european mustard or jam that looks interesting goes in the cart (bavarian honey mustard was a recent find). Oh, and they do have a good dense seedy heavy style rye (?) bread that is sold already sliced which makes for great toast.
The chocolates assortment is always worthwhile, i picked up a fantastic dark chocolate hazelnut bar for like $1.50 :))
MMH October 4, 2018
I just got 1/2 sour pickles and a loaf of really good seedy bread.
Jennifer W. October 4, 2018
OH and I forgot!
Their free range Chicken broth
and Knock-off Cereals:) They have some of the same granolas that TJ's carries
Jennifer W. October 4, 2018
Whole antibiotic free grass fed chickens
Grass fed ground beef
Seasonal cheeses
Organic sugar
Semi Sweet chocolate chips- all the chocolate is very good quality, in my opinion
Choceur raisin nut milk chocolate bars- this is literally the only milk chocolate I will eat and I love it:)
Moser Roth dark chocolate bars
Butter lettuce!
Kettle chips- cheaper than anywhere
Canned mixed nuts- cheaper than anywhere
Dried mango
Avocados and Mangos
Wild pink key west shrimp, frozen- cant beat the price
Pomegranate juice when in season- to make homemade grenadine
Last but not least- The huge Toscana Bread- Best toast in the entire world!! Cant go wrong
BerryBaby October 1, 2018
Asked my sister, who shops Aldi in midwest, and she loves their muffins.
Jan W. September 29, 2018
Black Forest Ham (Schwarzwälder Schinken) from Germany - Aldi is pretty much the only place I can find it. Trader Joe's used to carry it in my area but no longer does.

I also buy bagged juice oranges and chocolate at Aldi (cheaper).
Miss_Karen September 24, 2018
What/ where is Aldi?
BerryBaby September 25, 2018
Go to aldi.us
Discount grocery east coast, midwest, one in California, Texas.
Miss_Karen October 4, 2018
No Aldi stores in Colorado either.
foofaraw September 23, 2018
- Moser Roth 85% chocolate. The 70% also good too, but I just like bitter chocolate. Still made in Germany, around same taste as Lindt and cheaper. Good for baking and snacking.
- Wines, they have good selection and give notes which one that have good scores - I usually tried them and they have yet to disappoint.
- Eggs. Cheap, and have thicker insides and shells than Walmart's.
- Milk, buttermilk and heavy cream.
- Cheese selection is usually good. About same price as Costco but less volume so good if you want to entertain/want to try several ones.
- Seasonal selections, especially the holiday ones. I got lots of good European cookies during on their European(?)week.
- Ice creams. Love the sandwich and the cones.
- Frozen berries. Though too bad they don't have organic version
- Their plants is good too. I had one from TJ and it died in 3 weeks, while Aldi's last me 3 years and counting.
- Mushroom! It is cheaper than Costco, though you need to cook it within 2 days. I don't know if it is just because theirs have less preservatives or less fresh. I usually buy 3 carton at least
- Stone fruit also good too when they are in season, though it may depends on your store.

*I don't like their US cookies and cereal because a lot of the time they have HFCS (Their German muesli is good though). You always need to check the label whether it includes HFCS, palm oil and shortening. This is disappointing, at least for me, because I have shoppped in Aldi in Germany and their items didn't include those ingredients. They also put the % on critical components on their ingredient list, like strawberry (75% etc) on strawberry jam label, or butter (x%) on croissant label, but they don't do that here and even take out such info on the European goods they imported to US. You hear me Aldi? Stop stooping to US standard!
Alyssa September 22, 2018
Nuts, beans, avocados, frozen fruit, and (when I'm lucky and they have it) kombucha.
Pamela R. September 21, 2018
Brioche buns. they are to die for. Great for bbq pulled pork and any sort of cold cuts. They are expensive though. $2.49 for 4 rolls, but we buy them quite a bit. They have great produce, and quite a few preservative free items. Didn't know they were associated with Trader Joe's. We buy a lot from them also.
Rach September 20, 2018
I love Aldi!! I like buying the orange chocolate. And at times their eggs and avocados are ridiculously cheap.
And once and a while they seem to get a variety of food imported from Germany that is not my normal fare but fun to try.
Bevi September 19, 2018
Elevation Fruit and Nut Bars and Simply Nature coconut bars
Nancy September 19, 2018
We used to LOVE (and I mean love!) their Frupa (!) brand blackberry preserves. They were the best store bought preserves ever with tons of whole berries. The sad part is, they haven't had them in their stores for several years. To keep our habit going, I now make my own every summer.
spiffypaws September 18, 2018
Mint chocolate bars.
Liz D. September 18, 2018
I'm in Nevada; never heard of Aldi until I went to Ireland last year. They had them everywhere, but I didn't do any shopping there
MMH September 18, 2018
We’ve had a couple for a long time but I hadn’t shopped there in awhile. Then I read about their 5 year plan to add 800 stores in the US and remodel the others so I decided to visit again. My friends mostly rave about their high quality and inexpensive organic produce, gluten free items, specialty items and meat products.
You can google them and read about the things to buy for sure - take and bake pizzas, quinoa bowls, to die for white cheddar.
I stopped in after work the other day. It’s like going to a private label Trader Joe’s. They had the whole almonds rolled in dark chocolate and turbinado sugar but without Trader Joe’s name on them. They had lots of fun snack items, really cheap private label organic milk, great prices on organic produce, the to die for white cheddar (it was great), huge take and bake pizzas. It’s in my orbit and I need to go back more often.
MMH September 18, 2018
I forgot to look but 1 of my friends loves their salad blends.
Eric K. September 18, 2018
Thank you for this intel! Very useful.
BerryBaby September 19, 2018
MMH do you have Grocery Outlets in Southern California? I know they are connected to a similar discount grocery and I think it's in California.
MMH September 26, 2018
Berry baby asked a question. I don’t live in soco but there are lots of Aldis there- more than 1. There are outlets where i live but another great resource is th max, Ive purchased greate deals on vanilla there.

are are over soco, there lots of grocery outlets where I live. Another hidden gem is jj max - got really great deal on expensive vanilla there.
Jessica J. September 18, 2018
I usually go for the frozen veggies and other frozen goodies at Aldi. I find it interesting that I don't know most brands and that's also part of the allure. Prices are quite inexpensive too. Then when i get the munchies i discover some new junk food like their chips from time to time and i indulge in a bag or two.
Eric K. September 18, 2018
Delicious. What kind of chips exactly?
BerryBaby September 18, 2018
We do have Grocery Outlets, that are similar. Products always change but the bargains are great!
BerryBaby September 19, 2018
Grocery outlet purchases yesterday...5 lb bag of flour, hslf gallon whole milk, quart half and half, 3 lbs Dole bananas, 1 lemon, 1 lime total $7.25. Great deal!
BerryBaby September 18, 2018
No Aldi's on the west coast.
Eric K. September 18, 2018
Interesting! Good to know. Thanks, BerryBaby.
MMH September 18, 2018
There are Aldi stores in Southern California.
BerryBaby September 19, 2018
I'll amend my answer no Aldi's in Oregon.
Smaug September 18, 2018
Who or what is Aldi?
Eric K. September 18, 2018
It's a German discount supermarket chain with a few locations in the U.S. It's actually the parent store of Trader Joe's.
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