Hi! When do you add the caramel to the pie? After the apple roses have been placed or after you bake it? Also, can you assemble ahead of time, chi...

...ll and then bake when you are ready? Last question -do you peel the apples? Thanks

  • Posted by: Aleks
  • September 20, 2018


Nancy September 20, 2018
In her step 5, author says to "drizzle more caramel" over the pie.
So where was there caramel before, if this step is "more"?
And in the original Four and Twenty Blackbirds recipe, there are three layers of caramel baked in the pie (and they survive the heat just fine).
I'm guessing there's a step omitted where you spread caramel on the unbaked crust before you shape & place the apple roses, then bake the whole thing (the caramel covered and protected by the apples).
Let's hope to hear from Sassy Kitchen.
Nancy September 21, 2018
Meanwhile, FYI, here's the recipe from which Sassy Kitchen made her adapted version
Dani September 20, 2018
Put it after, otherwise it might burn and stick to the pan.
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