A question about a recipe: Farmacy Kitchen's Raw Chocolate Tart

I have a question about the recipe "Farmacy Kitchen's Raw Chocolate Tart" from Food52. Suggestions for a substitution for the cashews because of a nut allergy, please

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Ttrockwood October 4, 2018
Raw sunflower seeds would be a good option. (Not roasted) Note there are hazelnuts in the crust, so if you’re allergic to all nuts swap those as well.
There will definitely be a flavor of the sunflower seeds that is noticeable in the end result.
BerryBaby October 1, 2018
I've used seeds. Pumpkin give more flavor than sunflower and have used both.
Smaug October 1, 2018
That's probably as good a sub as you'll find, but it should be noted that cashews are the body of the filling on this; their bland sweetness can't really be duplicated, and a substitute will be a pretty radical departure from the original.
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