Thanksgiving Dessert for 2

I'm having a small thanksgiving this year. I'm making a spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and rolls. I'm stumped as to what to serve for dessert. I'd considered making an apple pie, but now I'm thinking of making a citrus dessert. I'd like to make something using seasonal fruit. Does anyone have a delicious dessert that I can master my first attempt? Thank you!

Trena Heinrich


HalfPint October 29, 2018
For a lemon dessert, I love pavlova topped with lemon curd, whipped cream, and red raspberries.

mstv October 29, 2018
I think a lemon budino would be great:
cranberry October 29, 2018
Panna cotta or lava cakes with an orange and pomegranate sauce. (no recipe for the sauce, I'd just wing it: reduce a mix of orange and pomegranate juice, maybe add a bit of marmalade, at the end add some grand marnier or cointreau, and to serve, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and/or orange slices or peels, candied or not.)
Trena H. October 29, 2018
Thank you, Nancy! This sounds delicious.
Nancy October 29, 2018
Should read "sealable bag or container"
Also, spelling of you tube poster may be dishanddine
Nancy October 29, 2018
Trena -
I learned as Macedonia de frutas secas, in WSJ feature Dolci: Italy's Sweets, by Francine Segan, around 2011. There are also many Spanish versions. That makes sense - think of Silver Palate & Ferran Adria recipes for chicken with dried fruits.
Ingredients & directions:
Mix & store in a sealable bag container up to 3 months: bite size or chopped dried fruit, nuts, milk & dark chocolate, nougat candy, amoretti cookies. Selection & proportions can be what you have on hand, or what you prefer.
One hour before serving, select amount you want to serve, moisten with fruit juice (orange or your choice).
Just before serving, dish up, garnish with lemon or orange liqueur. Top with mascarpone or whipped cream, long curled orange zest & serve.
Current sources: now findable on YouTube by dishandine as "La Boheme Fruit and Nut Fantasy" or in Segan, Opera Lover's Cookbook, 2006.
Trena H. October 28, 2018
This sounds great Nancy! I'd appreciate it if you could post the recipe. Thank you.
Nancy October 28, 2018
A no-cook Italian dessert of dried fruit and nuts with accent notes of chocolate, fresh citrus (lemon or orange) and limoncello. If you like the idea I can find the link or post
witloof October 28, 2018
If you like citrus desserts, this one is easy and gorgeous and serves two. Make a little batch of shortbread to serve with it, or just crack open a package of Walker's.
BerryBaby October 28, 2018
What about a lemon mousse? There are many 'quick' mousse recipes online. Serve in wine glasses..garnish with lemon rind twists.
Emma L. October 28, 2018
Hi Trena! That sounds so fun—I did a Christmas Eve for two last year and it was super relaxing.

I love Stephanie's idea about the Maialino olive oil cake—mostly because I love any excuse to make and eat that cake. You could serve some sort of cranberry compote on top, which would go well with the cake's orangey flavor.

Another idea: fruit crisp/crumble. Totally stress-free and easy to scale down, too. You could make a couple individual ramekins or just a smallish casserole dish, then serve with cream to pour on top. Last Thanksgiving, I made something similar to this, just with apples:

Finally! I write a column called Big Little Recipes (big flavor, little ingredient lists) and this week, we're publishing a Thanksgiving-friendly dessert that can be made in advance—and wouldn't go to waste if you're only two people. Stay tuned on Tuesday to see what it is!
Stephanie B. October 28, 2018
If you're going for simple, you could try maialino's olive oil cake (lots of orange flavor, or whatever citrus you want to use really) with a fruit compote/sauce of your choice, something like the whole orange cake in the genius desserts here or Nigella Lawson's clementine cake (seems simple but you do boil the citrus to get rid of the bitterness).

Or if you don't want lots of leftover cake, make a small pavlova - they're always elegant, easy to make, and are basically intended to be a blank canvas for whatever fruits are in season (supremed citrus+whipped cream = orange creamsicle pavlova!). Same goes for fruit tarts, though it takes more planning since you have to make and cool a tart shell and pastry cream. Personally I'm leaning to these last suggestions since they feel lighter compared to heavy Thanksgiving food. But again, so many options! I bet other people will have tons of good suggestions too.
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