A question about a recipe: Russ Parsons' Dry-Brined Turkey (a.k.a. The Judy Bird)

I have a question about the recipe "Russ Parsons' Dry-Brined Turkey (a.k.a. The Judy Bird)" from Genius Recipes. Am doing Judy Bird for first time, I have a thermador electric oven with convection roast setting. I have used it for chicken. How should I adjust temperature and cooking time for the Judy Bird.

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  • Posted by: Sauertea
  • November 13, 2018


Leith D. November 14, 2018
I cook it at 325 and use the cooking times in the recipe minus approximately 20%. The Judy bird cooks much faster than a wet-brined turkey.
soupcon November 13, 2018
Reduce the oven temperature by 25*F, and reduce the cooking time by about one quarter.
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