A question about a recipe: Butter-Toasted-Walnut Layer Cake

I have a question about the recipe "Butter-Toasted-Walnut Layer Cake" from Nostrovia_ca. Has anyone tried making this icing with less than the called for, 6 cups, of sugar?

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  • Posted by: KLM
  • November 14, 2018
Butter-Toasted-Walnut Layer Cake
Recipe question for: Butter-Toasted-Walnut Layer Cake


Cary November 19, 2018
You could also make less frosting and just do the top of each layer, not the sides (naked cake style) to reduce the amount of sugar consumed
Nancy November 19, 2018
Agree with Emmie about keeping the recommended amount of confectioner sugar in the icing part of the recipe.
But if you want to reduce sugar consumption, there are tips here from King Arthur:
Another way to approach it is to reduce the size of the cake served, and thus of the serving sizes.
For example, here the three round 9" pans accommodate 24 cups volume.
One recipe would fit into six round 6" pans or two rectangle pans (9x13" commonly used for lasagna or other casseroles).
You could make two cakes, serving one first and saving one in freezer or fridge for another occasion.
Emmie November 19, 2018
You could try but I wouldn't recommend it, as the recipe needs an appropriate amount of sugar to be hydrated by the butter and provide fluffiness and structure. Using less sugar may result in an unpleasantly dense, greasy frosting.
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