Could anyone recommend a good dish with chicken livers?

I recently came into possession of a large quantity of chicken livers... don't ask... Anyways, I'm looking for some non-fried recipes to use them up (already made - they were great). Thanks!

  • Posted by: Kmack
  • March 10, 2011


Kayb March 11, 2011
This recipe makes the best chicken liver pate I've ever eaten: I have subbed brandy for the bourbon from time to time.
nogaga March 11, 2011
There is something called Jerusalem Mix which normally contains chcken livers, hearts and stomachs, but which I ususally make with only chicken liver. Gently caramelize a ridiculous mound of onion slices in olive oil. In another pan, saute chicken livers in olive oil sprinkling them with salt, turmeric and a bit of chile. Thyme is a great addition. When they are beautifully browned add to the by now glistening onion pan, and gently combine. Devour alongside pita bread, ideally, and a fresh chopped salad/
Waldito March 11, 2011
Chicken liver risotto is divine.
sfmiller March 10, 2011
Personally, I love them in Jewish-grandma-style chopped liver . Or dusted with seasoned flour and sauteed over fairly high heat until barely cooked but still pink inside, served with lightly caramelized onions (and bacon, if you like) and lemon wedges to cut the sweetness.

There are lots of classic Italian pasta sauces based on chicken livers. Just Google "pasta sauce"+"chicken livers" for ideas.

Many recipes for bolognese sauce call for substantial amounts of chicken livers. Bolognese freezes beautifully and is very handy to have on hand.
latoscana March 10, 2011
Chopped chicken liver from Raymond Sokolov's Jewish-American Kitchen:
4 tbs shmaltz (rendered chicken fat) - can sub butter but don't tell any Jewish grandmothers
1 lb livers
1 lb onions, chopped (about 4 med)
2 hard boiled eggs
Ground pepper

Saute liver in 3 tbs of the fat until livers thoroughly cooked through.
Saute onions in 1 tbs fat until soft but not brown
Put livers and onions in a food processor and pulse sparingly until mixed and chopped - but not a paste.
Add chopped eggs and mix in.
Taste and season.
betteirene March 10, 2011
Nora March 10, 2011
Forgive me, but I read the question and this is what popped into my head: no.

amysarah March 10, 2011
As much as I like pate or mousse, it's hard to beat good, old-school chopped liver with really fresh rye bread. A million Jewish grandmas (mine included) can't be wrong.
pierino March 10, 2011
Chopped and sauteed they make a great topping for crostini.
student E. March 10, 2011
or you could go retro with rumaki! i know it can be a little too 1950's, but i gotta say, bacon + chicken livers + crunchy water chestnut = delicious.
Kmack March 10, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'm going to make the pistachio pate and the mousse (, though additional ideas would be good too. A lot of livers.
boulangere March 10, 2011
There is a simple and wonderful, well I think so, mousse recipe on my page. It freezes well.
julie_chicago March 10, 2011
I love chicken livers, and I think mousse and pates are the most delicious recipes to make with them. Here's 2 I've done repeatedly:
They're both easy!
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