A question about a recipe: Ottolenghi's Beet, Caraway, & Goat Cheese Bread

I have a question about the recipe "Ottolenghi's Beet, Caraway, & Goat Cheese Bread" from Food52. Is the beet cooked prior to being grated?

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tmcouts November 24, 2018
I have made other beet bread recipes and the beet is coarsely grated raw (I peeled the beet but I don't see why a scrubbed beet couldn't be grated whole). The beet shreds are small enough that when they are mixed evenly in the dough, the cook completely. The recipe I have made before is from "How to make Bread" by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou and is excellent. I am meaning to make the Ottolenghi version too. It looks very interesting. Always looking for new ways with beets.
Arizona C. November 24, 2018
Thank you
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