A question about a recipe: Chocolate-Poppy Seed Kokosh

I have a question about the recipe "Chocolate-Poppy Seed Kokosh" from Leah Koenig. Does this dough proof once before shaping and once after, just once after, or not at all as the recipe is written?

  • Posted by: Hannah
  • December 20, 2018
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Recipe question for: Chocolate-Poppy Seed Kokosh

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Nancy December 20, 2018

Hannah - Both ways are good. If you like the idea of a rise, or the lighter texture from it, use Jamie Geller's recipe. If you want to make kokosh without a rise, use the Koenig recipe or one from the New York Jewish Week.
1) Leah Koenig (whose recipe is here on food52) is a highly respected author and cooking teacher. In this recipe, no rise.
2) Jamie Geller, another fine author and teacher, and she does allow for 1 rise.
3) A recipe in the Jewish Week, a key newspaper in the NY-NJ Jewish community, also has no rise.

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Hannah December 20, 2018

Thank you very much!

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