Sesame seed oil or toasted sesame oil

No-Frills Miso Dressing
Recipe question for: No-Frills Miso Dressing


creamtea January 23, 2019
Like Sam and Nancy, I'd assume toasted. In the video accompanying the recipe, the sesame oil appears darker in tone than a plain oil, suggesting that it is from toasted seeds.
Xiami L. January 22, 2019
I would definitely suggest toasted. There is already a significant amount of neutral oil in this recipe, so the sesame oil is there to impart flavor.
Nancy January 23, 2019
Agree with Sam.
Pamelalee - two further notes.
When a recipe doesn't specify, I feel free to choose...what I have on hand, like, can find in the store.
When the amount is as small as the sesame oil, I also feel free to try the ingredient a few ways. For example, I've used sesame seeds (plain, toasted, white, black, whole or ground) to replace sesame oil when I don't have any in the house. Or even halva, if it's a sweet recipe or one that can stand a little bit of sweetness.
pamelalee January 22, 2019
When a recipe (like this one) calls for sesame seed oil, are we to assume plain sesame seed oil or toasted sesame oil?
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