Soft foods following oral surgery

Looking for ideas beyond scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes to make for my husband who just had two wisdom teeth removed (and he's no kid!). Thanks@

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • February 14, 2019


Corj February 20, 2019
When I had a botched gum graft that required me to eat mush for months I "enjoyed" fattened versions of veggie mushes. I'd make butternut/parsnip or celery root / cauliflower or sweet potato /carrot mashes with plenty of butter and/or cream cheese. Would also put a pat of butter or coconut oil on the finished mash for sympathy's sake.. Also plenty of hummus versions with various beans. And old-school rice or tapioca pudding was never a bad idea either.
Ethyl February 20, 2019
Ooh I thought of another idea -- anything with any kind of split lentils will cook down to a nice puree. There's lots of things you can do with a dal, but if he's still feeling a little woozy from painkillers and such, you can flavor it simply with just a little ground cumin and turmeric.
Ethyl February 20, 2019
Congee! I'm eating a nice warm bowl right now for lunch. You just take about a cup of rice and cook it in a lot of water -- like four cups -- with some ginger and scallion and garlic. You can add in whatever protein might work for him, or just chuck in a couple of soup bones or something to add body, or just leave them out if he doesn't eat meat. Top with whatever he can chew -- I like mine with soy sauce and kimchi, but any number of garnishes are traditional.
addaloria February 18, 2019
Matzoh ball soup!
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