A question about a recipe: Belgian Chicken Waterzooi

I have a question about the recipe "Belgian Chicken Waterzooi" from MarieGlobetrotter. How many pounds of fish versus four chicken breast?

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Belgian Chicken Waterzooi
Recipe question for: Belgian Chicken Waterzooi


Lori T. March 6, 2019
My recipe for a fish version common to Ghent calls for 2 pounds of firm white fish, such as cod, halibut or monkfish, to be cut into 1 inch cubes. You would also want to substitute fish broth for the chicken. However, there are as many variations of this as there are Belgian families to make it. I have two given to me by two different Belgian neighbors, each insisting that theirs was the real version. The one given to me by the neighbor from Ghent also included eel as a possible included ingredient, and insisting that the potatos be eaten on the side. The other one includes cubes of potato and celeriac in the dish itself. If you can find celeriac, it's a nice replacement for the celery. And it's delicious with the addition of a cup of nice white wine in place of some broth as well.
MarieGlobetrotter March 6, 2019
Hi Margaret
Depending on your usual amount of chicken or fish. I would use 100-120g of chicken person. So about a little less than a cup.
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